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I'm Jake and i bake gluten free cake

I'm also incredibly lucky that my name rhymes with my passion!!!

I've always been a huge fan of eating cake but, when I was diagnosed with IBS while at university, it became quite tricky for me. After finding out that gluten could be triggering my symptoms I started following a gluten free diet and, it's safe to say, my life changed pretty quickly!

But you're not here to learn about my stomach, you're here to learn about cakes...

To put it simply, the gluten free cakes that were available in supermarkets were average at best and I quickly got bored of them. I decided it was time to do something about it.

Long story short, I now specialise in gluten free sweet treats.

Whether it's my signature celebration cakes & cupcakes, or my delightful traybake treats, everything I sell is made in my 100% gluten free kitchen in Birmingham.

That means, when you order from Jake's Cakes and Bakes, you can do so safe in the knowledge that you're ordering from someone who knows, and understands, all about your allergies and intolerances.

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